Art in a child’s hand by John Taylor

The Tin in the middle of the table was full of felt tip pens, crayons and pencils. The small hand reached inside like it was taking candy from a jar. The paper beckoned, its whiteness crying for attention and it was not going to be let down this time. No this time it was a jumbo marker pen. Gripped in the hand like a savage knife, the hand struck the white paper. Bang! Bang! Bang!  The sharp tip now reduced to a flat slayed brush. The ink splattering in wonderful unpredicted ways. Then the marker once spent, was discarded for another then another. It was like a heavy downpour of rain or hail onto the papers surface. What was created was far removed from what you would think! With the vigor and abandonment it was made with. What was created was this image.



Text written by John Michael Taylor and Art by Tom Robert Taylor created the drawing  when he was six years old.

English Version

Spanish Version

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