Publisher Statement

Publisher Statement

VIBRATIONS is an open-access art journal for creative writing. In the second issue eight artists and musicians whose practice involves communicating through the written word, share their fascinations, thinking and processes in a virtual context. The virtual format aims to include a wide and diverse audience in order to generate a platform for the on-line discussion of ideas and encourage networking of artists and those interested in writing as arts practice. The journal aims to be as a laboratory of artist’s thinking in motion and invites established artists, emergent artists or researchers who would like to write, or offer other forms of expressions exploring such issues as: artistic production, subjectivity and collectivity in cultural production. The journal will be issued two times per year, in February and August. All those potentially interested in contributing to Vibrations should contact the editorial collective at The first issue of Vibrations was supported by Oxford Brookes University Alumni Fund. The second issue is self-funded. 

Vibrations is published in Oxford by Veronica Cordova de la Rosa

Vibrations I contributors; 

Alex HackettAya KasaiDot23Felipe EhrenbergJohn Michael TaylorMaria RuidoMita VaghelaPaulette MaePeta LloydPhillipa Jeffery, Robert Ridley-SchackletonRoberto BecerraSaid DokinsSarah HughesSarah ThorneSonia BoueSue ThomsonVeronica Cordova de la Rosa, Veronica Luyo/Alvaro Icaza, and Victor Buehring.

Vibrations II ‘Gestures’ contributors;

Veronica Cordova de la Rosa, Robert Ridley-Schackleton, Malcom Atkins, Jo Thomas, Lee Riley, Bruno Guastalla, Helena Fox and Dianne Regisford.