Presentation at the Old Fire Station 2015, Oxford, UK.

Dear reader,

‘Vibrations’ art journal for creative writing would like to share with you the documentation of the Presentation of the second issue titled:

II ‘Gestures’.

We had the privilege to introduce the second journal in the Old Fire Station’s art gallery in the city of Oxford, United Kingdom.

The second issue was presented by six artists.

Artists, title of their work and static documentation:


Jo Thomas ‘Sharing collected words from her notebook’


Malcolm Atkins ‘Why Morton Feldman is good for nothing’


Bruno Guastalla ‘Joys and Sorrows of Permutation’


Peta Lloyd ‘It just is (2)’



Dianne Regisford ‘Evoking Belonging (Words & Beat)’


Veronica Cordova ‘If flowers could talk’


Behind the scenes:

We would like to thank all the people who came to the Presentation and show their support and we would like to thank the staff at the Old Fire Station for their  wonderful support. All the pictures were taken by Stu Allsopp.



Sarah Mossop, Visual Arts Programme Manager.


A wonderful audience! Thank you all!

Vibrations documentation at the Old Fire Station art gallery



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