Veronica Luyo-Alvaro Icaza

Veronica Luyo and Alvaro Icaza were born in Lima, Peru (1978, 1982). Both studied at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and then continued their studies at the University of Barcelona. They are especially dedicated to art and media. Veronica Luyo and Alvaro Icaza work together and with other collaborators in projects, which focus on the notions of travel or flux as a trajectory or mobility, and on space – as a place of social-public interactions and as margin or border. During 2010, Álvaro and Veronica shared an atelier at a Residency in ‘CanXalant Centre for Creation and Contemporary Thought’ in Mataró, Barcelona. During the residency, they were selected for the ninth ‘Mostra d´Art Jove’ 2010. Alvaro’s projects have been selected for ‘Injuve’ 2009, ‘Sala d’Art Jove’ 2010 Barcelona and ‘Monica al Carrer’ 2010, among others. Veronica’s projects have been selected for ‘Idensitat #5 Manresa’, ‘Loop’10’ Video art Festival through the ‘Sala d’Art Jove’ de Barcelona, Biennial of Val’s – 2009 Guasch Coranty Prize and she has also received a grant to develop a workshop and residency at ‘Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo. In 2011, Alvaro concluded the Grammar of Contemporary Art Postgraduate Course at the University of Barcelona while Veronica completed her studies at the Independent Studies Programme, Critical Theory and Museum Studies at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona. Álvaro and Veronica have self-published their artist book: ‘Cubrir una cosa con otra’ (To cover one thing with another), The book contains drawings by Alvaro. The book was recently displayed at ‘Anti Librería’ in Bilbao, the ‘El Arrebato Bookshop’ in Madrid and Public Library ‘Casa de las Conchas’ in Salamanca. In Lima Alvaro and Veronica presented “Explorando el espacio vacío intermedio”, an exhibition that is a collection of their collaboration projects developed during their stay in Spain.

Contribution: Exploring the empty space  


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