Sonia Boue

My work is rooted in process-centered intuitive methods. I work with paint, objects and text. My work is object and narrative based. Story telling around the objects I find, allows me to be both autobiographical and to comment on the wider picture as I see it. Disparate fragments of experience, memory and observation become ‘fixed’ on a surface in a work providing layers or snatches of meaning and narrative. I am especially aware that at any moment the composition could change, be blown by the wind and scattered again. My work makes a show of permanence; a semblance of coherence from what is essentially temporal and chaotic. Excitement, beauty and hope can coexist on the surface of any object. The idea of an object as an emotional container also fascinates me. My premise is that objects come to contain life. As they live so closely with us, they accrue our imprints, our stains and our memories. I like to believe they are observers, hoarders, documenters and participants. For this reason they have become my focus.

Contribution: Dearest Abuela


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