Said Dokins

My work is a reflection of our society: society’s history, the symbol of death in relation to society’s power conflicts; society’s destruction, survival and it’s world’s explanatory speeches corresponding to the control mechanisms of its tax regimes – very old problems that are reflected in our current situation. The city is my main focus of creative action, as I find within the city’s streets countless levels and mechanisms within which to operate and people to relate to. I avail myself of a variety of different methods, of expression such as: graffiti, calligraphy, performance, installation, intervention and video art. The urban environment has always fascinated me and I’ve always lived in big cities. Although I know the street, I am still surprised: by the variety of different stains and colors that I encounter in the city, the conflicts and hardships, people’s defensiveness, the crowds and the cities’ dysfunctionality.

Contribution: Apparitions


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