Roberto Becerra

(Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. 1986)

Roberto studied Mechatronics Engineering by the ITESM in Mexico. After that completed an MSc on Acoustics and Music Technology at The University of Edinburgh. There he did research on topics related to Binaural Audio (3D), and Sound Spatialization (2011). In 2012 he worked in Rotterdam, The Netherlands as art assistant with artist Edwin van der Heide. In collaboration with English painter Andrew Foulds won modern art competition ‘Camaradas’ (London, 2013), hosted by the Mexican Embassy in the UK. The same multimedia piece was exhibited at PINTA, Latin American Modern and Contemporary Art Fair (2013), also in London. In 2013 he was commissioned for work at FACT, art and technology gallery in Liverpool, UK. During the same year he worked as art technician in that city. At the moment, Roberto works in Tijuana as Acoustics Engineer. His intention is to focus in work with technology, art, sound processing, and topics akin, finding the intersection of Art and Science/Technology, and to explore the knowledge lying there, in order to apply it to creative forms allowing to express ideas and intuitive concepts about itself. This leads to multimedia and technology work.

Contribution: Art Frequencies



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