Art Frequencies by Roberto Becerra

We want to become aware of our surroundings, to understand what it is that we do and find the piece we are in the picture. We do it through art, sciences, and activities that let us harmonize and blend in with the vibrations of reality.  

Art works, the same as science, crafted by restless beings, try and step further constantly. While one communicates and generates feelings and thoughts, the latter generates thoughts and creates progression in knowledge and technology.  

Art does exactly the same, or can do the exact same thing. To progress thoughts, create and push knowledge and technology; to enlighten in any case.    

The drive of both is the pursuit of and inspiration in nature, which gives us the basic elements to play with and do our crazy inventions.  

Humanity’s nature, it is the pursuit as well, our ideas, humans’ progression, and development of those ideas into a general improvement of living conditions, and the understanding of who, what and how we come to be.  

Like two sides of the same coin, or two poles in a magnet. The two activities are part of the same unit. Non-duality. Electrical charges are of two types, part of the same phenomenon.          

Both art and science have used the things that we acknowledge as tools. Every time, these tools are the expression of advancement of the technology know to men. Knowledge is as well one of these tools, more interesting as we achieve increasing awareness of our environment.            

It is through art that many times the advancements on knowledge, science and technology turn into roads leading to higher purposes, making sense of what to aim for as a species with all that power.    

Technology to produce vibration in matter, can be pushed and driven by the hunger for music, seeking improvement and progression on music making machines, used to craft sounds and exchange feelings, and make people dance.      

To try and create through the new tools and developments on technology is to look for new languages, build new ideas and make new sense of things. It is to take old ever present feelings and give them a different escape valve.      

To seek technology, by means of the motivation given by art is to materialize these feelings and intuitions about the capabilities and directions of our new languages.  

Science and art both seek understanding, to express, create and expand ourselves. This understanding of the nature of things, eventually puts us in a position of hunting freedom. But freedom seems ever more evasive, the more we learn, the more we look like another universal organism, dancing under the same patterns of ants, or galaxies. This puts us in a predictive life pattern.      

So what is there to do? I guess just try and make beautiful things and be an optimum species. Dance in progressive harmony, through creativity, science, leadership, construction, all of which can be named art.

Roberto Becerra

Spanish Version

English Version 

Creative Commons License


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