An A to Z of a basic income by Sarah Thorne

All of us work 
But only some of this work is considered employment
Careful, work and employment is not the same thing
Dedicated work is based on people’s assessment of what is needed
Employment is not 
Fact: people do not need incentives to work
Given the means (financial or not) people will be able to respond to
their needs.
Human existence: “the answer to the problem of human existence is
love” (Fromm 1957)
If it is done in the right measure, any kind of work can be rewarding
Job – No matter how much you love an activity, if you do it 8 hours a
day, 7 days a week, you will start to hate it
Kontakt – I need contact with others in order to be happy
Learning & connecting with others is necessary in order to be able to
participate in social/ cultural life
Money is necessary in order to be able to participate in social/ cultural
No. I need money to survive
Often, discipline is not a bad thing
Perhaps the biggest obstacles to love are time and money
QED: Capitalism has given time and money a bad name
Real and viable alternatives to capitalism are possible
So many people are not happy
Things are getting worse
(you) are never too late
Visionaries! We are more ready for change than we think
Without a sense of security in the future, a person’s integrity is broken
it plan: i believe we can shape economics to serve our needs (not the
other way round)
(?) Because, I believe we can organise society in a way that empowers
and enables our social and human needs rather than separating us
from them
Zeitgeist: I believe every human being deserves an unconditional
minimum income, every month, as a life-long guarantee, on the basis of human rights, now!

Oxford, January 2014

Basic Income Facebook page

Sarah Thorne

English Version

Creative Commons License


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