Coexistence by Sue Thompson

To exist together at the

same time or in the same place.

This art piece was inspired by my ninety year old father and six of his close friends. They have a shared experience of a period in our history. How did their paths meet? They could have all missed one another in their journey through life but somehow they all met my father.

They have a shared understanding of what it meant to leave their homeland and travel to a new country looking for a better life. Some of them did not intend to stay but now the United Kingdom has become their home. For six of them it meant stepping into the unknown, meeting a new culture and learning how to assimilate and survive in their new surroundings. For the seventh person it meant welcoming and befriending people from a different race and culture. They all experienced hostility but overcame it through their friendship and support for each other.

For me, this project meant revisiting childhood memories through adult eyes.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me. You were the people looked up to when I was small. Now when we meet again I am able to talk with you from a position of more understanding. I just knew you as Mrs. or Mr., one of my parent’s friends. Now I can sit with you and see you through the eyes of an adult; although in your presence, your seniority and wisdom reduces me to a child again. I have learnt a lot about you today, you are no longer just a Mrs. or Mr. to me. 

Thank you for sharing your memories with me.

Sue Thompson

Coexistence's artwork detail Photo by Sue Thompson

Coexistence’s artwork detail
Photo by Sue Thompson

Spanish Version

English Version

Creative Commons License


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